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Isabella Dickens

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Tangled reluctantly in a war between the Ukrainian political elite and the mob, Natalia has fled to London to start a new life. A former Suicide Doll, known for entertaining the rich and powerful at the most exclusive spots, the Dolls were seen a status symbols on the Kyiv nightlife scene. After retirement sums of money came in for a job from a mafia boss, intending to keep some politicians tied up and tipsy, everything changed. The men were murdered, and Dolls were now the number one accessories to a honey trap which saw three leading politicians executed, days after the men denounced their former mafia ties. The women without the foresight to anticipate the anxieties of the people involved were finding themselves dead, quickly. Scared of the inevitability of someone seeking her, Natalia has chosen the UK to reinvent herself. Will Natalia move on, find friend, find love or will her past catch up with her?

The Erotic Diary of Natalia: Books
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