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The Erotic Diary of Daniele

Hanna Cox

Hanna Cox edited.jpg

A Diary Of Carnal Lust. . .Erotic Moments...New Experiences…and DANGEROUS LIAISONS!

Have you met Daniele?


Careful with this one, she’s a real hustler…


“My mantra is that I don’t want to be connected with anybody I can’t make a pound off of. That might sound shitty but can I say? I’m a hustler in a dog eat dog world. I’ve so many hustles and side hustles that it can get hard to keep track of them all. I work at a bar, I sell drugs, I sell stolen and bootleg goods, I’m an escort, I blackmail so very wealthy men, I run phishing scams and all sorts of other illegal activities.”


Daniele loves her life, even if she is tied up with a dangerous Russian mobster named Adam. The pay is good, and the tips are great and there is also the chance to hustle any other man (or women) she meets!

It isn’t long before Daniele discovers that her newfound freedom entitles her to all sorts of new and sexy experiences and adventures.


If you love erotic books featuring all sorts of sexy action including trouble in London with members of the Russian Mob and tones of subplots and hustles and an Uncensored (and sometimes shocking) tales from the diary of an illegal sex worker then The Erotic Diary of Daniele is the book for you.


How far will Daniele go? Will it be all sexy fun or will there be danger, regrets and situations beyond her control?

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