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The Erotic Diary Series - Liaisons now in Beta

Liaisons is the final book in season 1 of the Erotic Diary Series. As you may of read in the main website, Liaison is a compilation of shorts that complement the main titles of Isabelle, Scarlett & Daniele. As website members, you'll be able to preview some of the works before there published, but for those who would like to read more to help the beta process along please send me a message to preview these exclusive documents.

Also to note, Liaison will introduce us to many new to the series authors. This is the best time ahead of season 2 to communicate who's work you'd like to read again.

Now as promised, a short from Liaisons from Kimberly Avery

Based on Martina from The Erotic Diary of Daniele


27th February 2020

I walked into the local off-license and went straight to the shelves. I did not take time looking at the stacked drinks one after the other because I already knew what always worked for me. I turned right to the shelf that housed vodka, but I felt a wave of unconsciousness sweep through me. I stood still and held the small bag hanging from my shoulder. My head seemed to be spinning even when I was yet to drink anything. Still, I knew it would not stop me from losing myself to alcohol this night. For a moment, I wanted to think about how I would get home if I wasted myself on the street, but I did not let that moment linger. I had carried on many days at work with this heaviness inside of me, and I had promised myself that I would let go of it all at one time, and that time was now. It seemed like Mack’s sentence had been planting seeds inside of me – mostly of fear – and today of all days, they had grown into large trees. I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and I used the opportunity to regain my hold on reality. I looked up and saw Zima standing in front of me.

“Are you okay?” He asked me with his brows furrowed into a worried frown.

“I’m good. I just... you know...” I waved my hands in the air, “I’m good.” I didn’t wait for him to reply before picking the drink and going to pay for it. He still walked beside me as I walked out of the store.

“Thank you. I’m fine from here,” I told him as I uncorked the drink and took my first gulp. I was sure he could sense the uncertainty in my voice, but it did not matter to me. I was grateful he had come to my aid, but I did not understand why it always had to be him. Zima seemed to be everywhere I went, and I could not wrap my head around it. I knew he had been trying to get to me for a while now, but stalking did not feel like the best way to do it. For all I cared, I had not gotten over Mack incarceration. I took more gulps and stopped. Zima was still walking with me.

“You always show up everywhere I go to. Why are you stalking me?” I blurted out. A part of me felt it was the drink speaking now, but I was sure I was very conscious. Zima walked on and then hesitated. He held my hand and pulled me to his chest.

“I’m not stalking you. I’m just protecting you. I want to prove to you that I will always be here.” He whispered into my ear and kissed my forehead. I felt all the weight I had carried crash down my eyes. I saw myself in Mack’s arms; I heard his laughter, I heard all the promises he made to me and then I recalled the shell of himself I saw in the press, with no hope of seeing him again.

“I can’t get over Mack’s life sentence.” I let out amidst my sobs. Zima stroked my hair gently and then pulled me away to look into my eyes.

“Martina, you are very beautiful, and I am very sure Mack would want you to move on.” He said softly. This was my problem with Zima – he always had the right things to say that it looked like everything he was doing with me was part of an agenda.

I cleaned my eyes with the back of my left palm. “Why me? Is this about Daniele?”

As we walked down the street with his hand grazing my breast, I felt something open up inside of me. Here I was walking in the night with an almost unbelievable male figure telling me how beautiful I was. I was listening to him praise my body before I slipped away under the feeling of the wetness forming beneath me. I knew what was happening to me – I was getting over Mack. When Zima nudged me back to reality and asked me,

“Have you even been listening to me?” I threw my hand over his neck and kissed him. I let go of his lips almost immediately, but I was quick enough to see the smile on his lips and the want in his eyes.

We walked into a hotel together without even talking about it. It was as though our hearts were working with the same beat. Zima grabbed my waist as soon as we got into the room and pushed me to the wall. I thought remotely about the unlocked door, but that thought slipped away as soon as he locked his lips with mine. He bit my lower lip hard, sending millions of pleasure currents through my body at a time. I grunted under my breath as he pulled away from my lip and kissed his way to my neck, stopping briefly to tease my ear. I grabbed his head and looked hard into his eyes for a second before tilting to kiss his neck. I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his nipple softly. He grabbed my hair, and I made circular motions around his areola with my tongue. His grip on my hair became tighter as he nudged me on to suck his nipple, but I smiled because he was not going to have that yet. I hesitated a moment to take a fill of his body. His chest was full of sleepy black hairs which started below his breasts and went down to his stomach area. The sight of his fully formed muscles sent more juices sipping out beneath me. I licked his nipples slowly one after the other, sucking on them as though they were tender jewels.

Zima went wild before me. He placed his hands on both of my shoulders, urging me to go beneath him. Gently, I traced my hands down his body as I went on my knees and looked up at him.

He smiled and muttered, “Take it” in a pleading yet authoritative voice. I nodded, willingly and unbuckled his belt and drew down his trousers. His cock poked at me from his briefs as soon as his trousers fell. I looked at Zima again, and his eyes were already closed in anticipation. I took out his cock and started to stroke him, using my thumb to tease the head of his cock. Then I went for his testicles first, sucking and enjoying the feel of his balls on my tongue while he groaned. Playfully, I moved on to lick his full length before twirling my tongue around the head of the penis. Zima could not take the teasing anymore. He took his cock in his hand and slammed it into my mouth. I gagged as I took his cock deep into my throat, before re-establishing control, sucking him in and out fast. I slowed down at intervals to lick his fraenulum and plant kisses around his cock before taking him deep in my throat again. As soon as I noticed that his groaning had become louder, I sucked faster till he spent himself in my mouth. The look on his face when I licked the remnants of his sperm off his cock was a sight I would not forget in a long time.

I got off my knees and smiled at Zima, but he drew me to himself and pulled down my gown. The swiftness and sternness, with which he turned me around, took off my bra and turned me again to suck on my left breast made me feel a rise of pleasure in my lower belly. His mouth held on to my breast like he owned them, like they were made for him. He moved to my right breast while kneading the left with his fingers. He brought his face back to level with mine, and his lips touched my lips once more. I received him wholly. His fingers traced their way from the gap between my breasts to my nipples and went down to my clitoris. I moaned into his chest and gasped when he put two fingers into me. He dug his fingers in deep, hitting my g-spot. My breath ceased, and I bit his shoulder a little too hard, but rather than flinch, he straddled me unto his waist. Before I could align my core with his and grip him firmly with my legs, his cock had filled me. I gasped for breath because I had never imagined him to be this huge. I hung my hands around his neck as his thrusts went deep into me. With each thrust, I could feel the hollow inside of me getting filled. My legs quivered as his thrusts became faster. We held each other tight, almost choking in our sweats as we came together. He carried me to the bed and wanted to get up, but I pulled him down and slept off on his chest. By morning, there was no sign of him in the room.

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