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The Erotic Diary of Scarlett - preview part 4

Jan. 16, 2020


Today you’re a magnet for positive energy. Today is a good day to attempt the challenging, meet new friends or repair old wounds.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Beth being arrested. Five years ago today she was thrown in jail, and I ran out of the bathroom window with all of her money. I can’t believe it’s gone so fast, where the hell did the time go? Beth is set to be released soon, I just hope it’s not going to be too severe. I know she is going to want answers. Forgetting about me isn’t an option, I doubt i’m going to be able to distance myself or convince her that there’s no point us resuming where we left off. I haven’t called, wrote, sent money or visited her, so you would think she would get the hint. I can’t sit around here thinking about Beth or the gang and what might happen with it all. Tonight I am going to treat myself and head out for some fun. It won’t be too busy at the clubs, but I’ll still be able to get some action tonight.

After taking a quick shower and getting dressed, I was all set and headed out to my taxi. Tonight I needed an escape and some harmless fun, and that is exactly what I was going to do. After getting out at the Village I headed inside and went right over to the bar for a drink. I leaned against the counter after ordering my drink and took the room in. I needed someone that would be perfect. I didn’t want someone that I had already been with, too boring. I didn’t want someone so drunk they could barely stand, too messy. I didn’t want anyone too butch, I wanted a lipstick lesbian tonight. A sexy little thing that I could show a new world to. That’s what I needed to do, take a page out of Beck’s playbook. I needed a newbie that I could have my way with. It might be a little bit of work, but it would be worth it. I downed my drink and ordered another. Tonight was about fun, tomorrow would be about the hangover. I used this time to scan the room again, looking for the right girl.

My eyes finally landed on this shy looking brown-haired girl. She was wearing a tight little black dress and red stiletto heels. The way she was sitting there in the booth, all alone, just looking at the room. I could tell this was her first time here. She was shy and unsure, and she was perfect. Ordering a bottle of vodka and two glasses, I took them over to her table and gave her a warm smile as I sat down next to her.

“Hey you, you’re new. What’s your name?” I asked her with a warm smile.

“Mandy. You?” She asked, slightly unsure.

“Scarlett. Drink?” I asked, already pouring us both a shot.

“Um sure.” She said as she looked down.

“This your first time in a place like this?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Ya. I just thought it seemed interesting. I’ve never… done this before.” The blush looked good on her.

“Well then, allow me to show you how much fun this place can be.” I said, picking up my shot and held it up. She picked up her’s and clicked her shot against mine and then we drank them down. The first of many.

It took roughly six shots before Mandy was more open and loose. I dragged her out to the dance floor and pressed her back against my front. She easily swayed her hips into me as she let the alcohol take over her. I ran my hands up her legs, letting my fingers run along the inside of her thighs, just skimming over her underwear and up to her breast. Mandy moaned and tilted her head back, allowing me the perfect opportunity to kiss her neck. We ground our bodies into each other on the dance floor for a few songs before making out way back over to the table. I pulled out some cocaine that I had and poured two lines out of the table.

“What is that?” Mandy asked.

“Coke. Come on, do a line, it’ll make you feel amazing.” I said, doing the one line for myself right after.

I could see Mandy thinking about it before she threw caution to the wind and did the whole line. I placed my hand on her upper thigh as I leaned in and started to kiss her neck.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Fuck ya. Everything feels so good. You make me feel good.” Mandy said with a goofy smile.

“I can make you feel outstanding. Take your underwear off.”

“What?” Mandy asked with a slight giggle.

“Trust me. Take it off.” I said as I removed mine to show her I was serious.

We could have left and gone someplace else, but where I had no idea. And I wasn’t in the mood to wait around for a taxi to figure out where to go. I wanted her right now and I was going to have her. Besides, we wouldn’t be the only ones in the club fooling around. Mandy lifted her hips slightly and pulled her black thong off and placed it on the table. Some movement over to the right caught my eye, I noticed Ryan leaning against the wall across the room, his eyes were on us. I gave him a smirk as I went and slid under the table. I pulled Mandy down slightly by her knees, so she was more slumped down and not right against the cushion. I then parted her legs, which she did eagerly, even putting one leg up on the seat bent so I would have even better access. She was no longer caring about the large crowd in the room.

Her pussy was gleaming with her wetness, I instantly ran my tongue from the bottom up to her clit. Mandy moaned and threw her head back. She tasted so sweet, and I needed more. I used my hands and opened her pussy more so I could shove my tongue in as deep as possible inside of her. She was so responsive, I was loving it. It was like each lick was her very first time. The way she was withering at my touch, begging for more. And I gave her more. I continued to tongue fuck her while using my hand to stroke her clit.

“Oh, God.” She moaned, she couldn’t stop crying.

“You like that?” I asked, playing with her.

“Fuck, yes.” She moaned.

“Cum for me. Let me taste your juices.”

My mouth was back on her quivering pussy. I could feel her walls tightening around my tongue, I knew she wasn’t going to last much longer. After a few more seconds, she was cumming hard, letting out a low scream as she pulsed her sweet juices all over my tongue. I gladly licked up everything she had to offer, once she finished pulsing, I moved back up to the seat. Mandy put her legs back down as she fought to catch her breath.

“You liked that?” I asked with a knowing smirk.

“Fuck yes.”

I pulled her in for a kiss, letting my tongue go into her mouth, causing her to moan, I made sure she could taste her own sweetness before I pulled back.

“You taste so sweet.” I said.

“Do you?” She asked in a sexy haze.

“You tell me.”

“I’ve never done that before.” She said with a slight blush.

“Just do what I did. You’ll be amazing.”

Mandy slid beneath the table, I moved, spreading my thighs to accommodate her. My eyes shot across the room to see Ryan was still there, still watching us. He couldn’t see any of our naughty bits, but he knew what we were doing under the table. The whole room could if they turned to see us, after all, there were no tablecloths. I gave him a sexy smirk and kept my eyes on him as Mandy took her first lick. I moaned, more to provide her with the encouragement that she needed. She continued to give experimental licks, with each one she grew more confident. When she shoved her tongue inside of me that first time, that’s when a genuine groan escaped my lips.

“That’s it, Sweetness, fuck me with your tongue.”

I could still feel the heat of Ryan’s eyes on me. I watched as his right hand went over to the front of his jeans and gave himself a little rub. He was hard, I knew if there weren’t so many people around, he would have been jerking off to us. For some reason that didn’t turn me off, it turned me on even more. Mandy was getting better than I had expected her to. She moved her hand over to my clit and started to rub it, attacking my pussy like it was her last meal. Now I understood why Beck liked the newbies so much. They had a lot of eagerness and curiosity that controlled them.

“Fuck, that’s it. You’re gonna make me cum Sweetness.” I moaned.

Mandy moaned and picked up her pace, she really wanted to taste me. Keeping my eyes on Ryan, I moved my hand over to my breast and started to rub it. I saw him close his eyes for a second before he opened them. His desire was palpable. With a deep thrust of Mandy’s tongue, I moaned as I came hard. Mandy was all too happy to lick everything I had to offer her before she moved back up to sit next to me. I sat back up and gave a wink to Ryan before I poured each of us another shot. Tonight was turning out to be a great night.

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