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The Erotic Diary of Scarlett - Preview

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Our first introduction to Scarlett is in 'The Erotic Diary of Isabelle'. She's Issy's sexy, confident lesbian friend who appears to be showing her the ropes about life in London. In this title, we learn what Scarlett was involved in and why she was reluctant to have Isabelle mix with her circle of friends.


One bad decision can change your life forever.

Scarlett is a devout proud lesbian caught between living her life on her terms and conforming within her gay community. Scarlett thought she knew everything about herself. A life long lesbian who never had any interest in men. So why can’t she stop wondering what this one guy’s hands would feel like against her skin? Scarlett has been living the lavish life for the past five years, but everything changes when her vengeful ex-lover finishes her prison sentence, demanding answers. The untold story of organised crime, drugs, toxic relationships and sex. Will Scarlett be able to escape her controlling ex-girlfriend and the gang? Or will she be taken down right along with them?

Exclusive Preview

Jan. 4, 2020

You wouldn’t believe what my horoscope said.


“your finances might be a bit up in the air right now, but there is little you can do to control the situation or gain clarity today. Rather than letting yourself get nervous about your money situation, just play it safe and stay tight with your cash—just in case. Get into the habit of tightening your belt, in the near future, you will come across a great opportunity that requires a rather large lump of capital.”

Maybe that means I should leave. I mean I have a large lump of money, so it’s not like I need more, but it’s talking about opportunities. Maybe I’ll get a new job or someone will ask to buy my flat?

Now I have no idea what I’m going to do…

I don’t have long, I have to get ready for a client tonight, but I wanted just to write down something. I’m trying to do this more often. It’s Isabelle’s fault, she is an avid journaler. I’ve never done it before, but when I met her about six months ago, she told me that it really helps her get all of her thoughts out and in order. I figured it couldn’t hurt right? Nothing has really happened in the past two days. Martha was released later in the day on the 2nd. She had a drunk and disorderly, not surprising. They let her go once she was sober enough. I went with her yesterday to lunch along with Amber and Jane. The three of them were close with Beth and in with the gang. It got hard to not be around them after everything that happened, especially when they thought I stole the money. I did, but they couldn’t know that. The problem is I’ve known them since I was twenty. Now five years on, Beth’s sentence is coming to a conclusion. These women are going to be reunited soon. I have no idea what I’m going to do.

Beth is going to have questions, she’s going to demand answers from me. We have no idea how the police were tipped off about her. She’s going to assume it was me, just like she’s going to think I took the money. Just to top it off, I haven’t written or visited her this whole time. None of it looks good on me. Plus the flat that I got not long after she went to prison. Beth wasn’t smart, but she wasn’t stupid either. And she had one hell of a temper on her. This was going to be bad, and I have no idea how I’m going to avoid it.

I made my way up the elevator to the fifteenth floor of a very fancy hotel. This was a new client tonight that was looking to have a lady to play with. The agency that I use for my escorting is outstanding for assuring everyone is legit. This lady, who wants to be called Cookie, wants to play with me while her husband fucks her. It’s not the first time I’ve been an added player in someone’s threesome. It’s always made clear though, that I only find women attractive, which you would think would be an issue, but the women actually really like it. It means that they don’t have to worry about her husband getting more interested in the added party. They get to play, and she still gets to go home with her man without a worry.

Tonight, my name is Katie, it’s a go-to name of mine, but I do switch it up over the months to make sure I don’t get any crazy stalkers. Thankfully I haven’t had any, another added bonus of dealing with wealthy women instead of men. Once I arrived at the floor, I headed down the hallway and over to the correct door. I had been in the hotel before, it’s quite plush, always a great place to work out of. Plus, the clients usually leave afterwards, so I get an elegant hotel room all to myself for the night. Not that my flat wasn’t fancy, it was, but still, in a hotel room, I can pretend I’m somewhere else.

I knocked, and it didn’t take long for the door to open, there was the husband, we’ll call him Mr Cookie. He was an older man in his forties. His hair was just starting to turn salt and pepper. He had kind eyes, I don’t know why I’m drawn to that feature, but it’s the first thing I notice in someone. You would think that would make sense, besides where else are you going to look? Also, I believe there’s a truth in eyes that can reveal peoples true intentions.

“Good evening Katie, please come in.”

I stepped inside and saw that his wife was already laying on the bed in a very sexy little black lingerie number. She gave me a big smile as I walked over to the foot of the bed.

“Hello, beautiful,” I said.

Her red hair ran to her shoulders in a wave. She has Emerald green mischievous eyes that perfectly complimented her petit body. She was eager to play.

“Hello to you. I’d love to know what is under that coat.” She said back with a flirty smile.

I had on a long brown trench coat and some red stiletto heels. Underneath the coat was a matching two-piece lingerie set with a garter belt. My panties were crotchless, a real hit among my clients and the red bra was see-through. I removed the coat and allowed it to fall to the floor. I could tell they both approved of what I was wearing underneath it. I made sure I gave Cookie all of my attention though. I was here for her and not her husband. I made my way over to her, she instantly spread her legs as she spoke.

“Not one for four play. He likes to watch as my pussy is being eaten out.”

“Fine with me. That’s the best part.”

I placed myself between her legs and removed her panties before I opened her folds and gave it a long lick from the bottom to the top. She moaned at the contact, Mr Cookie moved so he could get a better view. His dick already in his hand. I ignored him and focused on my actual client. I began to lick her clit and suck it into my mouth before I moved lowered and started to tongue fuck her. She was very responsive to my tongue. She arched into my mouth, trying to get even more contact between us. I pushed my tongue even further into her sweet core, taking her as deep as I could.

“Does she feel good baby?” Mr Cookie asked his wife.

“Oh fuck ya. So fucking good. She’s going to make me cum soon.” Cookie moaned.

I moved from her insides to her clit, licking and sucking it once more, as I added two fingers inside of her. I figured he intended to fuck her while she ate me out, so the least I could do was get her ready for him. It didn’t take long before she was pressing her hips down and riding my fingers. With a few hits to her sweet spot, she was giving a long and deep moan as she came. I moved my fingers and began to lick at her juices until she stopped pulsing and then I moved back, knowing that it was Mr Cookie’s turn. Cookie instantly moved so she was on her hands and knees and he went behind her. I laid down in front of her, opening my legs, exposing my crotch-less panties, no need to strip off. Cookie waited until her husband penetrated her before she bent down to lick at my pussy. I put my head back, closing my eyes, allowing myself to feel her tongue, blocking out the rest.

Cookie was very good at eating pussy. It was effortless for me to completely block out her husband even though he’s so involved. Her vibrating tongue ring had me automatically screaming out, the sensation against my clit was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I couldn’t help but hope that they called me again.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned.

The sensation was unbelievable and then she started to tongue fuck me with it. I was a goner at that point. The heat quickly built inside of me, and long before I was ready for this to end, I was cumming hard, she licked it all up. By the time I was opening my eyes they had both came as well, I knew by the looks on their faces that I had two very happy, satisfied customers.

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