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The Diary of bad ass Beck

Introduced in The Erotic diary of Isabelle and returning in The Erotic diary of Scarlett, Beck comes across as an unsung hero of sexual expression. Now in this mini-story complimenting season 1 of The Erotic Diary Series we are introduced to a new character.

16th of January

Now five years out, it’s difficult to shake that event. Jono didn’t ruin men for me; I was already predisposed to women, and I didn’t enjoy being with a man. He did make me into a warrior for women’s choice and a protector of women who cannot stand up for themselves. For that, I am genuinely thankful.

My special ops skills have found good use back home in circumstances they were never designed for. I don’t go out of my way to exhibit them, but I don’t hold back either. Being gay in England presents its own challenges both in and out of the community.

The clubs in the neighbourhood are where the action is in this city. The clubs stay the same, but the customers change all the time. I see familiar faces each time I enter the clubs, but those aren’t the ones I am looking for. The community seems to have expanded quite a bit over the last few years. I don’t know if that’s because the fear of coming out is no longer a stain on a person or if online porn has encouraged more people to experiment. Whatever the case, it’s interesting to see the change that has happened and the people that it has brought into the community.

Drugs remain rampant, however, and I see them being used not only for recreation but also to control people. That gets under my skin more than you can imagine. I’ve watched people – women especially, treated as pets and slaves by those who can hold the mighty drug over their head. It’s more than an epidemic; it’s horrible to watch a person sink to their lowest self to satisfy a need. These clubs offer safe harbour to those affected and those who supply. One day it will all come to a head, but there is money and power in drugs, and there is always a need.

I’m off tonight, so I’m headed out tonight early; I don’t feel like being out in the clubs late. I’d rather be home doing something I enjoy than out looking for trouble. I work security for some of the clubs – mostly undercover. I don’t look intimidating, but I have a reputation, and it has served me well. No one really messes with me, and anyone that does gets what they have coming – quietly and as peacefully as possible.

I nod at the bartender, and he brings me a drink. He’s sweet on me but knows I don’t swing that way. I’m a regular here – at least frequent enough that he knows what I drink. I’ve never worked in this club, but I’ve diffused a few situations, nonetheless. I sip my drink, looking over the clientele. There are people I recognize, and I nod to them as we catch each other’s eye. There are a few I’ve never seen before, but they are almost always paired up with a regular.

That’s the thing about gay bars. It is rare that someone would take the initiative to head out to a gay bar by themselves if they have never been there before. They are almost always with someone who is showing them the ropes, or they are with a friend and they ‘just want to see what it’s like.’ Those people interest me. Bi-curious possibly or just plain curious. I’ve been with more than one of them before, and I’m proud to say that their curiosity paid off.

Scarlett is here tonight, blown out of her mind as usual. She has her head on another girl’s shoulder. I can’t tell if she came with the girl or if she’s just picking her up for the quick score. The Bouncer Ryan seems heavily invested in her, continually looking her way then back around the room to see who else is watching. Their friendship appears to be fun and friendly, but I don’t trust him. He watches over her, well mostly. My instincts tell me that he’s enabled her habit. Scarlett can’t be sober – her MO is to be on a stable high all of the time until she gets fucked out of her mind to the point where she regrets it. She’s beautiful; she just doesn’t treat herself that way.

I catch the eye of a girl named Cindy. We have been friends for more than a few years. I swirl my straw in my glass as I give her the once over. We’ve never fucked, but I bet we would be good together. Friends is fine with me if that’s what she wants. She’s with a girl that I’ve never seen before. As I watch, the girl looks up at me – probably after Cindy said something to her. I can see her blue eyes from across the room and her bright white teeth when she smiles. She looks like she is 19, but I’m sure she’s older, or security would have never let her in the place. The two girls start walking in my direction.

“What’s up, Beck?” Cindy says. I smile, and she kisses me on the cheek. “This is Asia. A friend of mine that’s come to visit.”

I’m struck by Asia’s beauty as I listen to Cindy speak. She’s not Asian. She’s compact, maybe five foot four. Her waist is tiny, and she has the firmest breasts. Her long dark hair is natural – you can tell that immediately, and she has the perfect nose. She’s gorgeous.

“Hi Asia,” I say, and I lean in to give her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. She’s surprised, but she doesn’t pull away. She smells incredible – young is the only way I can describe it.

“Hi,” she says.

Her voice is like a song, and I quickly turn to Cindy as she begins to speak. I don’t want Asia to see that I am gushing over her.

“This is Asia’s first time in a club like this. Kind of wanted to see what it was like. She’s from the states,” Cindy says. “I told her she had to meet you if you were here, and… well, here you are.”

“Well, I am certainly glad you introduced us. Where are you from Asia?”

“Kansas,” she says, quietly enough that I strain to hear her over the music.

Kansas – wow! I could picture her out in the American fields with the sun beating down on her tanned skin. My time in the service took me overseas, but I’ve never actually been to America.

“Never been,” I say. “Is it as beautiful as you are?” She blushes, and my heart skips a beat.

“I told you she was a sweetheart,” Cindy says, smiling at our side.

“She is,” I say, and I cock my head at Cindy hoping she gets my’ what’s the deal?’ reference.

“I thought you two would hit it off,” she says, adding a not so subtle wink at the end of the sentence.

I look over at Asia who seemed not to hear what Cindy said, her smile is radiant. She just seems to be enjoying herself.

“Maybe we can get out of here,” I say to Asia. “Head back to my place where it is a little quieter?” Cindy smiles at me, knowing that I got her message.

Asia looks up at me and then at Cindy. It’s the first time I see her smile falter since I met her. She looks scared; I want to correct my statement before she suffers any more.

“I’m sorry,” I say. “I just thought it would be nice to get away from the pounding music to a place where we could talk a little without screaming.”

“It’s not that,” Asia said.

She’s timid like a deer caught in the headlights. I want to say something to put that smile back on her face again. Thankfully Cindy jumps in to rescue me.

“How about this?” she says. “We can all go. That’s what you meant right, Beck?”

“Yes,” I say quickly.

Makes sense, Young girl in a new country should not be taking chances with someone she just met. Not quite sure how this would all work, but I wanted to make sure that Asia was comfortable. The smile returns and she nods her head.

“Excellent,” I hear myself saying as I drain my drink.

I put the glass down on the bar and turn back to the girls. We all head toward the door and walk out together.

In my flat, Cindy walks around the large living area looking at the few paintings I have on the walls as I make drinks for the three of us. Asia sits on my couch, her hands on her thighs, still looking like the timid lamb that she is. I don’t quite know how this is going to work. Cindy and I have never been together, and we seem to like it that way. Would she just check out if things got hot and heavy between Asia and me? That seemed to make the most sense. It was early; there was no reason to rush things along.

I stare at the young American beauty that sat on my couch. She was fabulous. Her button-down shirt was buttoned to the collar offering no look at her cleavage, making her all the more sexier. I bring the drinks over to the couch, placing them on the coffee table. I live in a one-bedroom upper with a large living room. I sit down on one side of Asia, and Cindy sits down on the other.

“To meeting new people,” I say. We all toast our glasses together – gin and tonics (not too strong) and take a sip. “I would love to hear all about Kansas. American’s on my list of places to go, but I had intended to go to New York and maybe California. But,” I add, “if they all look like you, I may want to change that.”

Asia blushes again; then she stares up at me. “I don’t want to talk about Kansas,” she says. “Cindy said you could teach me things.”

I know what she means, but I thought it was important she said it out loud. It would give Cindy the chance to excuse herself, and the night could proceed. I shift myself on the couch so I’m facing Asia, who looks back across my living room.

“What kind of things would you like to learn?”

“Like being with a woman,” she says, the lilt of her voice shoots straight to my pussy. She turns to face me. I’m already wet before she answers the next sentence. “Beck, would you teach me what it’s like to be with a woman?”

“I would love to,” I say as I lean into her and gently kiss her on the lips.

She doesn’t pull back, but she doesn’t kiss me back right away either. When I pull away, she stares at me. Her face is not a smile anymore, almost expressionless. She’s fucking beautiful, and I lean in to kiss her again, covering her mouth with mine. She presses her tongue inside my mouth, and it is pure heaven. I’ve been with many women before, I don’t know what it is about this girl, but she tastes amazing. This time, when I pull away, a strand of saliva connects our mouth, and she giggles – a sound from the heavens as she reaches up to wipe it away.

“That was nice,” she says.

Her hands reach up to her shirt, and she slowly starts to unbutton it. I watch her fingers like they will ultimately reveal the first pair of tits I have ever seen. I practically hold my breath in anticipation as she gets to the last button. I can only hope that she is wearing no bra when she pulls her shirt open. I want her to think she is in control – that’s so important for first-timers, and this time, she really is in control. She opens her shirt, her bright red bra sits high on her chest, constraining her breasts. I can see her nipples pushing through the fabric. They want to get out; I want them to be released. She pulls her arms out of her sleeves and drops the shirt to the floor. She reaches behind her back and unclips her bra, holding it in front, so it doesn’t fall forward until she is ready. The suspense is killing me.

Asia looks into my eyes and then down at her own chest, forcing me to follow her gaze. Then slowly, ever so slowly, she peels her bra off her breasts until they are completely in view. Her head rises gradually to look up at me again. I swallow hard and meet her eyes. They were worth the wait.

“Do you want to touch them?”

My hands are on them before the sentence is complete. She lets out a low mew as my hands run across her skin. My thumbs drag across her nipples as I watch them, and then I feel her hand behind my head as she pulls me close to her chest. I open my mouth to receive one of her nipples and suck it between my lips, my tongue lapping at it slowly as I caress her other tit. The sound that comes from her as I slide my tongue down between her mounds is incredible, and I pull her closer to me as I suck her other nipple into my mouth.

“Fuck,” I hear her say. “Your tongue is like satin.”

She has no idea; I thought as I ravish her chest with my tongue and lips. When I finally come up for air, her hands massaging my neck, she pulls me forward and covers my mouth with hers. We twist our tongues together as we pull each other closer. My pussy is wet, and I can’t wait to get my clothes off. I want her to feel like she is in charge, but this time when we pull away from the kiss, I will take her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

As her lips leave mine, I reach down for her hand. She smiles at me, and as I go to lift it and her up from the couch, I see another set of hands-on her breasts. I had forgotten all about Cindy, who hadn’t left yet. I stare at her hands as they caress Asia’s tits from behind. Her thumb and fingers gently pull on Asia’s nipples. I look back up into Asia’s face, and she smiles at me and then turns her head toward Cindy. Their mouths meet, and any chance that I had of not flooded my panties flies out the window. I watch their two tongues dart in and out of their mouths as I lift myself from the couch.

When they break from their kiss, I reach for Asia’s hand once more. She lifts herself from the couch, giggling and reaches down for Cindy’s hand. It’s Cindy’s chance to leave if she wants. I watch her take Asia’s hand and stand up. She smiles and then walks over to me. We look at each other as friends for one moment – one moment more before it all changes. And then her mouth is on me. My tongue inside of her mouth, as I felt a hand slide up under the back of my skirt. I can’t tell who’s hand it is and that mystery is adding to whatever erotic magic is happening as I close my eyes.

When I pull away from Cindy, I looked down, and Asia is on her knees in front of me. She pulls my skirt down over my hips, and her hand reaches up to press against my sopping wet panties. I glance at Cindy quickly and then back down at Asia as she slides my panties down over my thighs. I hear her giggle, and then her fingers are reaching up as I watch before they slide tentatively up and down my wet slit. I watch her face as she stares at her fingers as if she’s touching a flower for the very first time. That beautiful, innocent face that I want to see screaming in a short while as she cums again and again.

I look back at Cindy, and she smiles at me and then I watch as she reaches down and lifts my shirt up. I raise my hands as she pulls it over my head. My firm tits pop out on my chest. I’m very proud of them and my whole body. I work out to keep in shape. But that is the furthest thing from my mind as I stare at Cindy’s lips willing them to suck on my breasts. She bends her head down, pulling my nipple into her mouth, her teeth scraping across my sensitive nub. Asia is still toying with my pussy, experimenting with her fingers as she gently prods me. I am naked, minus my short heels in the middle of my living room as these two women ravish me.

After several minutes of their ministrations, I shake my head, to get my wits about me and take a deep breath. I look down at the two women touching me and think still this would make more sense in the bedroom. Clarity is a wonderful thing, but that all slips away from me as Cindy’s tongue slides between my two tits and then slowly slides down over my stomach as she kneels next to Asia. I look down to watch her reach for Asia’s hand and pull it away from me.

“Like this, honey,” she says.

Cindy slides her head between my legs, and her tongue dips into the folds of my pussy. I let out a moan – something I often try to control, but this is too much for any woman. I stare down at Asia who is studying Cindy as she slides her tongue up and down my crease. I place my hands on Cindy’s shoulders and gently thrust against her. Her hands reached up to spread my legs, her tongue slides down the front of my pussy, pressing up inside of me. She whines loudly as she tastes me, and I moan back. Her silk tongue presses in and out of me and I feel like I am ready to burst. Before that can happen, Cindy slides her tongue out of me, her hands sliding up and down my thigh.

“Your turn, Asia. Are you ready?”

I vaguely hear her say yes because my ears can only hear the pounding of the blood that is coursing through my veins. I look down at Asia who bites her lip and slowly slides back between my legs. Her fingers gingerly press up against my pussy once more, spreading my lips open and then she leans her head forward and I feel her tongue press up against my pink flesh.

“Fuck!” I say as a shock of electricity shoots through me. It may be no different to me than the feel of Cindy’s tongue, but I know it is a first for Asia and what it must be doing to her own body.

Then her tongue is sliding through my crease as she moans. I look down at her, my hands on her shoulders now, pulling her tighter against me as she looks back at me. I can almost see her eyes smiling as I feel one of her fingers slip inside of me. I let out a moan, and her eyes leave mine as she slides her head further down. She licks around my hole as her finger fucks me. I hold her shoulders tight as I thrust into her mouth, grinding against her tongue and finger.

I’m slowly working my way to an orgasm, perhaps an epic one which will provide Asia with her first real taste of another woman’s cum. Just the thought is enough to put me over the edge, but I’m trying to hold on, milk this for all it’s worth. Then I feel a wet tongue sliding down my crack. A short smack on my ass confirms I wasn’t imaging it as the tongue makes its way down to my ass. A new sensation shoots through me, and I pull Asia’s head tighter against me as I thrust forward. When I push back, Cindy’s tongue dips into my ass, past my tight rim before it darts out again and licks around my hole. Fuck, I am done.

I’m moaning loudly, nearing an explosion when Asia slides her finger out of me and then licks my pussy from the bottom to the top. She looks up at me as her hands on my hips slowly turn me around. I’m still thrusting as I feel Asia’s tongue slide down my crack as Cindy continues to press her tongue in and out of my ass. There’s a soft push on my back as one of them bend me over, and I lean forward onto the couch. Both girls are behind me, their tongues licking and sucking on my ass. I’m lost, wanting to reach down and play with my own clit, to get that feeling back, but I restrain myself. Not yet, Beck.

I feel my ass cheeks being spread apart by two strong hands, and before I know it, a finger slides inside of me. I grunt a quiet grunt, and I push back to drive the finger home, hoping that it will jumpstart the orgasm that was so close only moments ago. I hear a giggle as the finger is removed and then another presses inside of me.

“I think she’s ready,” I hear one of them say, and I think it is Cindy because there is no melody to her voice.

As she says this, two fingers slide up inside of my pussy, and the moan that escapes me is an indication of pure pleasure. I thrust down on the fingers inside of me; one in my ass and two in my pussy.

“Oh, God!” I say.

I feel some shuffling beneath me, the fingers still fucking me, but then I feel a tongue sliding once more up and down my pussy. I look down to see Asia, underneath me, her head between my legs. I rest one hand on the couch, and with the other, I hold her head up tight against my pussy. Her tongue drags against my swollen lips, and I pull her face up toward my clit. She sucks on it and then dips down between my lips again. Over and over I do this until I’m about to break. I’m being fucked in both holes as this virgin tongue is bringing me to climax. I need to explode, but I don’t want it to end.

It’s no longer in my control. I scream out as the dam breaks. From the top of my head to my toes, my body is an electric wire bursting with fire. I hold Asia’s face tight against me, and I slam down on the fingers inside of me. I vaguely feel a tongue slide up and down my crack as I push Asia’s head down to the bottom of my pussy. I hold her there as I shake and shudder, my spill filling her mouth and dripping down my thighs. Her tongue darts in and out of my hole around Cindy’s finger and I don’t know if I came again or if it was the aftershocks that got me, but I was gushing once more uncontrollably while the two women drank and continued to fuck me.

After a long while, I feel the fingers slide out of me as I try to catch my breath. I limp to the couch, onto my knees as the girls lick my thighs and my ass, cleaning me up from the mess they forced upon me. I feel their hands – all four of them as they rub and soothe my body.

“Holy shit,” I say. “I thought I was the teacher,” I mumble. I hear Asia giggle; that wonderful sound and I turn to her. “That was fucking amazing. Both of you.”

Cindy smiles, but I want to see Asia’s, and when her white teeth shine out between her lips, I smile back. Her face is shiny with my cum and juices. Her brown hair looks out of place – that just fucked look even though she was the one that had fucked me.

I pull her close to me and bury my tongue into her mouth, tasting myself and her at the same time. My hands work the leggings that she is wearing down over her hips. She must be soaking wet. My hand confirms that fact as my fingers slip into the waistband of her panties, and down the front of her wet pussy. I pull away from the kiss. I waste no time, sliding two fingers up inside of her as I stare into those blue eyes. She moans as I slid them in and out, holding my gaze.

I can’t wait to taste her, and I slide down in front of her, skipping her gorgeous breasts before sliding my tongue down the front of her slit. She is like honey; honey, I’ve never tasted before. My fingers slid easily in and out of her.

“Faster,” she says, and I comply.

I want to hear this beautiful woman cum, thinking that her sound will be forever in my dreams. I slide my tongue up to her clit, and her body pulls away as if I shocked her and then she pulls my head back with her hands. I suck on her swollen button as I fuck her.

“More fingers. Harder, faster.”

I slide my fingers out and thrust three back into her. I drive them deep as I bite and suck on her clit. Both of her hands are on the back of my head as she thrusts against my mouth. She is moaning loudly as I ram into her with my fingers.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck!” she cries out, and I record that sound for future reference.

Then she breaks. She breaks like no woman I have ever been with. I feel her body shake above me, and she thrusts against my face hard, holding herself against me with her back arched as I lick and suck on her. My fingers and hand are flooded as she lets go a river between her legs and I want to slide down there, taste her spill, but she holds me tight against her clit for another minute before she lets me go.

There was no rush, she is still cuming strong by the time my mouth reaches her hole. Cindy is there next to me, her tongue licking around my fingers as they continue to fuck Asia. Asia’s body convulses in front of us, and we both drink from the fountain of youth, getting our fill swallowing the honey that flows from her.

Finally, and after a long time, Asia stops thrusting, and I slide my fingers out. There’s an audible pop as she giggles.

“First time for everything,” I hear her say as she tries to catch her breath.

I am sliding up her body. I want her to taste her spill, her honey. I lick her tits with the fat part of my wet tongue, travelling my mouth between them and then stand up in front of her.

“The first time with a woman is so different,” I say in a huskier than expected voice. I’m ready to go again. There’s something about this woman.

“No,” she said. “It’s the first time with anyone.”

I almost came right there as I feel Cindy move in beside me. We both look at Asia as if we don’t understand. This incredibly beautiful woman – one of the prettiest women I have ever seen had never been with anyone. No man, no woman.

“That’s… that’s wonderful,” I say.

“Really?” Cindy says.

“Really,” Asia says

Asia steps forward, moving directly in front of Cindy. Her hands begin working the buttons on Cindy’s dress, a dress that somehow remained on during everything that had just happened. It isn’t much of a dress, barely covering her ass, but she’s the only one who is wearing anything at all.

“Now,” Asia continues as she finishes unbuttoning the front of Cindy’s dress. “You need to get out of these clothes so you both could properly fuck the shit out of me.”

I step in behind Cindy and help Asia finish undressing her. I am already dripping thinking about the many ways that I am going to make our virgin lover cum for the rest of the night.

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